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"Wish that you could come over and see our house," wrote colonists Irene and Oscar Beylund to friends in Wisconsin after their first Christmas in Alaska. Today the Palmer Historical Society issues the same invitation to you.

In 1994, a group of individuals in Palmer organized the Colony House Preservation Project Committee. Its goal - to restore a colony house to its 1936 -1945 appearance. While this committee was not a part of PHS, some of our members participated in the project. In 1998 the project ws turned over to Palmer Historical Society for ownership, responsibility, watchful keeping, and operation. Located at 316 E. Elmwood Ave, near the Visitors Center and within Palmer's Historic District, the house and outbuildings display rural life in the Matanuska Valley during the heyday of the Colony. While originally the home of Oscar and Irene Beylund on tract 94, this house, one of five styles available, reflect an average colonist family's home. The Matanuska Colony, the largest New Deal Resettlement project, involved moving 204 families from the Midwest to the Matanuska Valley to establish a farming community. An event of national interest in 1935, it continues to fascinate the public, and is the subject of a developing film documentary.

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316 E Elmwood Ave
Palmer, Alaska
(907) 745-1935

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1935
Palmer, Alaska

Colony House Hours:
10-4 pm Tuesday - Saturday
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$2.00 per person
$1.00 12 & under

Group and other Tours available by special scheduling.